Your accommodation is a space to make your own

Where you stay and sleep is your sanctuary, a place to escape the work and focus on rest and recovery; read a book; continue studies; plan your future. Except for management, acupuncture and medi-spa physicians, this refuge, namely your cabin, is shared with a team member. The cabins are very intimate and will likely not have any windows. A typical cabin is equipped with a bunk bed to provide some additional space, telephone, small wardrobe closet, dresser, private shower and bathroom facilities. It has everything one would need, except for space.

Cabins can be personalised by hanging up pictures of loved ones and what inspires you. The space can be made your very own. Uniforms are usually laundered free of charge and personal clothes are washed by the ship’s laundry for a small fee. If you prefer washing and ironing your own clothing, there is often a crew self-service laundry area available.

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