How long is a contract?

All contracts are 7 months in length. Physicians can request contract extensions. Depending on your performance during your first contract, you will be considered for additional contracts.

What is my earning potential?

You will earn commission on all services and retail sold. On average, doctors are making $800-$1200 a week. This is an average. There are physicians making more and less than this amount, but the potential is there to make much more.

What are the living quarters like?

As a Medi-Spa Physician, you are entitled to your own crew cabin with a private bathroom. It may be small and basic, but it will be your own. This is considered to be quite a luxury as a small percentage of the crew on board is provided with their own cabin.

How do I do laundry?

Free laundry facilities are available for the crew. You will need to provide your own laundry detergent.

How will I get paid?

Your first payment can take up to, but no longer, than 30 days to process. Depending on your itinerary, you will either be paid weekly or bi-weekly. You will be given a Brightwell card, which is a Visa debit card. All your earnings will be deposited directly to your Brightwell card. You will need to take some cash, ATM card and/or credit cards with you to carry you through the first month. You will be paid in US Dollars.

What am I responsible for as far as living expenses?

Your flights to and from the ship are covered on your first contract. All food and accommodations are provided whilst on board. All printing, promotional material, and practice equipment are covered as well. Once you are on board, you will have virtually no living expenses.

Must I have a medical before I get on board?

Yes, you have to complete a maritime medical at an approved maritime location prior to leaving for the ship. The medical is a thorough exam that involves taking blood tests, urinalysis, blood pressure, eye, hearing, and lung function tests, and a chest x-ray. The cruise line must confirm you are physically fit to work on board. Please note a drug test will also be conducted. Failure of the medical or drug test will result in the termination of your contract. It is your responsibility to pay for your medical exam.

How much notice will I get if I am hired?

The amount of notice you may receive can vary. Positions are always coming up – some sooner than others. Emergency positions that do come up may only leave you with a few days’ notice.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Uniforms are required during working hours. The dress code is business casual attire with full-length white lab coats. If you do not have two full-length white lab coats already, we will provide them. You must abide by ship dress code rules at all times whilst in passenger areas.

Can I get off the ship whilst in port?

Yes! When you have free time during the day, you can get off the ship and do what you please, provided you are not scheduled to work, and you are back on board by the required time.

Where do the cruises go?

The ships sail all over the world. Depending on the cruise line and the time of year, ships can be in the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, Australia, Mexico, Bermuda, and the list goes on and on. Ships operate every day, all year around.

Can I socialise with the passengers?

It is an integral part of your job as you will be conducting seminars and representing the spa at ship events. However, it is important to note inappropriate fraternisation with guests is cause for immediate dismissal.

Can I get mail?

Yes, you can receive mail/packages on board. Every ship has an address. You can get that information once you are on board. It is not recommended to forward all of your personal mail to the ship.

Can I check my email while on board?

You can access e-mail and make phone calls whilst on board. Crew members can access the Internet and phone for a fee (less than what guests pay); however, it is more expensive compared to on land. The best and most affordable option is to access the Internet from port and to make calls whilst in port.

Can I bring my family with me?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to bring your family with you.

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