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The Medi-Spa Physician administers cosmetic medical procedures to onboard guests.  The ideal candidate must possess the clinical knowledge to administer these procedures safely and effectively as well as be able to accurately explain all aspects of products and services to guests. Excellent communication skills are required, and the candidate must be able to provide safe and effective aesthetic medical solutions to address guests’ concerns.  Physicians are expected to gain the knowledge of spa services and products in effort to cross-promote these services to guests.


Candidates must hold a medical degree from a college or university listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Applicants must have a current, valid medical license to practise medicine in your country or the country where medical school was completed. A minimum of six months hands-on clinical experience is required. Strong interpersonal and communication skills along with a fluency in English required; other languages are a benefit.

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    Only licensed Medi-Spa physicians are eligible.


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