With a rich legacy and strong set of values, London Wellness Academy has immensely contributed to the spa and wellness industry, training more than 50,000 students and preparing them for careers at sea and on land. Our heritage dates back more than 120 years when our founder, Henry Steiner, created a hair care and apothecary range

of products in 1901. This family business, rooted in beauty, was turned over to his son, Herman, and in the late 1920s through the 1970s he garnered a following at his London salon. From celebrities to the British upper class, Steiner was a household name for the rich and famous. Towards the end of World War II, Herman became known as the wartime hairdresser. Post war, his notoriety was awarded with a Royal Warrant as hairdresser to Her Majesty Queen Mary. Nearly a decade later, his salon had become a creative centre where bold and daring fashion fused with new techniques such as hair stencilling, which was developed by Herman.

Mr. Steiner rode this momentum and steered it towards the cruise line industry where he was awarded his first cruise ship agreement to operate the salon on board the Royal Mail Lines’ Andes. Several prestigious cruise lines followed suit, including Cunard Line and the prominent vessels Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, P&O Cruises, and Pacific Union. Following this surge of business, Herman received a second Royal Warrant in 1970 as cosmetician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. A flourishing cruising industry and the distinction of two royal warrants propelled the business and within the decade he expanded, by opening salons in British Railway Hotels whilst also growing the Steiner hair care line. As the business continued to evolve, so did the need for trained professionals. In 1980, the then named Steiner Training Academy opened to prepare students for careers at sea and on land. The academy was officially renamed London Wellness Academy in 2020.


Steiner Training Academy opens. The training center prepares future onboard staff for life at sea through education of services and products.


Steiner receives another Royal Warrant as cosmetician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Herman Steiner opens salons in British Railway Hotels across the UK while expanding the Steiner hair care line.


Steiner is awarded contracts on the Queen Mary, the Queen Elizabeth, and more operated by Cunard, P&O, Union Pacific, and others.


Steiner enters the cruise line industry and is awarded its first cruise ship contract to operate the salon on board Royal Mail Lines’ Andes.


By the late 1950’s, Mayfair, London had started to become not just a hub for salons and barber shop it was becoming a creative center. Post war, both women and men became addicted to fashion…the bold, new, daring and creative. Including hair stenciling…a new technique developed by the hairdresser Herman Steiner.


Steiner was granted a Royal Warrant as her dresser to Her Majesty Queen Mary.


Wartime Hair Dresser – the work of Steiner’s Salon, Grosvenor Street, London, England, UK
At his salon in Grosvenor Street, London, hairdresser Herman Steiner gives one of his juniors, Valerie, a lesson as she styles a customer’s hair. According to the original caption, Valerie “is becoming a good hairdresser but very soon she will have to leave to join the Forces”. The salon is housed in a basement which was once an air raid shelter.


Steiner takes over hairdressing business and soon becomes known as hairdresser to celebrities and Britain’s upper class.


Herman Steiner takes over the family business – personally created apothecary products sold from a single salon in London.


Henry Steiner launches his own hair care range in London.